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Substrate fertilization?

I've been lurking for a while now and I have an idea that I would like some
input on. 
If I understand correctly, one of the main functions of substrate heating
cables is to create convection currents that move minerals into the
substrate where they can be held for the roots of the plants. Thus providing
nutrients to the plants and hopefully starving algae by removing these
nutrients from the water column.
I was wondering about a possible alternate (read cheaper) solution.
Create a system using small diameter porous drip irrigation hose placed
below the substrate similar to heating cable installation. This hose is
connected to a pressurized feeder system, consisting of an air tight
container filled with a nutrient solution. The system is pressurized via an
air pump connected to a timer. Have the timer set to run (estimation) one
minute a day to force the nutrient solution to seep out of the drip
irrigation hose. Thus putting the nutrients directly into the substrate
hopefully to be held.
Has anyone experimented with anything similar or does anyone have any input
into this idea?
Michael Tipton