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Substrate breakthrough

Steve Dixon asks about the results of the Amazon trip.

Little did we realize when we set out on this venture that we would learn
something of such profound significance to planted tank enthusiasts.  In
fact, this information is available only in this forum, pending publication
in Aquatic Plant Journal.  For reasons of scientific priority, we ask you
not to divulge this information to anyone, although you are free to use it
for your own tanks.

We approached the Amazon basin with this question in mind:  If the Amazon
water and soil are so poor in nutrients, why is the plant growth so lush???

The answer hit us almost immediately:

    AMAZON LATERITE (tm)    http://www.wcf.com/gallery/amalatr.jpg

To confirm the importance of this special material, one need only examine
the underside of the pads of the Victorian giant lily, where the plants
have sequested extra stores of this material:

    Amazon lily pad (undersides)  http://www.wcf.com/gallery/lilylat.jpg

Seeing is believing, and after examining these photos there can be no doubt
that Dupla missed the boat in selecting Sri Lankan and Australian laterite
for their products.   Amazon Laterite (tm) is the foundation of the
greatest rain forest on earth!

And lucky for you, while in Manaus we were able to make contact with the
Brazilian Utilization of Laterite League which has been looking for a
marketer for Amazon Laterite (tm).  We promptly signed an agreement giving
us exclusive world-wide rights to this critical resource.   And it will be
added to our product line as soon as the first container arrives from Manaus.

You know that Dupla laterite is expensive.   And well it should be, given
its remote source.   But Sri Lankan deposits are only a couple of hundred
miles from a seaport.  Manaus is over 1000 miles from the seaport of Belem!
  Accordingly, Amazon Laterite (tm) will cost a little more, about $6 per
pound.  But the results are worth it.  

Imagine having the lush growth of the Amazon jungle right in your own tank!

Only orders sent right away will be given special pre-arrival standby
priority for early shipment of this wonder material.   Be the first in your
town to order.

Just send a check for $600 for a 100# sack (including shipping) of Amazon
Laterite (tm) to:

Brazilian Utilization of Laterite League (BULL)
JCF Systems--Exclusive Agent
7 Gateview Court
San Francisco CA 94116-1941

amazon-laterite at wcf_com

VISA and Mastercard accepted.

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com