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sump set up

Jim Wilson was pondering some different solutions for a sump setup so he
could keep his C02 and heater out of the main tank, including modifying
a Fluval. Jim, I've never gotten around to trying this, but I've
considered using a canister filter to suck water out the main tank. The
return of the cannister filter would go to a 5 or 10 gallon container on
a shelf above the main tank. The container on the shelf would have a
hole in the side, with tubing to the main tank.
Water would return to the main tank by gravity. You could put your
heater, etc. into the the smaller container. If the power goes off, the
whole system shuts down (Of course, you set it up so that if the hole in
the container drains completely the tank isn't flooded).  I was actually
considering doing this to have a mini colony of daphnia in the smaller
container which could eat the floating algae. I was planning on making
two holes in the container, as below:

        |                   |
        |   0 hole 1        |
        |                   |
        |   0 hole 2        |
        |                   | 
        |                   |

Both holes would have tubing leading back to the tank.
Hole 2 would have netting to keep the daphnia from dumping into the
tank. Hole 1 would be completely open,  a safety measure in case hole 2
gets clogged up.
Anyway, I hope I explained this setup clearly. I plan on trying it, but
unfortunately it will probably be a few monthes, as I'm really bogged
down now with other stuff.

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