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RE: Pumping RO water out of a garbage can

While the  pumps made for aquariums will  work, they are expensive, and if
you only need to use the pump for water changes here is my suggestion,
which I have been using for over a year with great luck on fresh and
saltwater tanks.

Go to a hardware/general/home supply store and find a submirsible sump
pump.  They are usually used to pump effluent out of houses.  I got one on
sale rated at 1140 gph with a large screen bottom and a garden house
output.  It pumps down to something like 1/4" of water.  I use a 50 foot
garden house and all tanks are on one floor, but these pumps are generally
able to pump to a very high head (>>10 feet).  It fills tanks fast, and if
you need to diffuse water flow put some filter pad on the output.

Since I don't trust the pump I only put it in the water when actually
using it to pump water and rinse in freshwater after every use.

Very fast pump and very cheap (about $30-40 at walmart).

Good luck and if you have any other questions please ask.
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