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Raleigh Aquarium Society Annual workshop and auction...

The Raleigh (North Carolina, USA) Aquarium Society will present it's
annual Workshop and Auction on February 26-28th, 1999.

Guest speakers include: (with topics in parenthesis)

Neil Frank (on aquatic plants of course!)
Jack Wattley (discus)
Ed Taylor (Florida Fish Farming)
Dr. Paul Loiselle (West African Dwarf Cichlids)
Larry Jackson (Diving in the Solomons and setting up a "Berlin" Reef
Lee Finley (Corydoras catfish)
Harry Faustmann (Killifish)

We will have raffles througout the weekend with manufacturer's
representatives on hand and this is a great opportunity to meet and ask
the guest speakers your questions.

The auction will be on February 28, 1999 and is open to everyone.  There
are usually nearly 1,000 items submitted ranging from various species of
fish, to aquatic plants, to used and new equipment and many times, "hard
to find" books on aquatic topics.

For more information and schedule visit our webpage at:


Thanks for your interest and see you there!
Walter P. Wu
chunker at geocities_com.nospam (remove the .nospam to reply)