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Re: Cheap regulator?

John wrote:
>I have stumbled on a cheap regulator, and would like some 
>feedback regarding suitability. Since a "aquarium" 
>regulator can cost >$150, this little gem looks promising.
>Its a small compressed air regulator sold at Lowe's for 
><$20.  It would need a couple of fittings and maybe a 
>needle valve to adapt to a CO2 cylinder, but total cost
>should be <$30.  It is rated to to about 200lbs.  Anyone
> know the partial pressure of CO2 off the top of their

>Any "gotchas" to this idea?

Two gotchas

1. The pressure in a CO2 tank is about 800psi
2. You can buy a CO2 regulator from Rapids (www.4rapid1.com)
  for $33.50.

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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