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Water lettuce, water hyacinths, pumps

Hi all,
When the subject of how to keep water lettuce or water hyacinths indoors
comes up on the garden pond forums (and it always does in the early fall),
it seems that the key ingredients are LOTS of light -- sunlight and
artificial -- LOTS of fertilization, pH below 7.2, and fish that won't
nibble the roots.  Even with a lot of attention, most ponders usually lose
the plants before spring.  Of course, that doesn't mean that folks on this
list won't have more success.
One of the easiest ways to pump water to fill or empty tanks is a "drill
pump." A lot of hardware store carry these; they sell for under $20.  Most
varieties have garden hose fittings and just chuck into an electric drill.
30-40 feet may be pushing the capacity of one of these, tho.