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Re: Magnesium sulphate

Hello Olga,

Calculating the effect of added magnesium sulfate is quite easy:
Assuming that you are adding Epsom salts, MgSO4.7H2O, the content of
magnesium in the crystalls is 10% (9.86%, to be exact). Thus if you add
1 gram/liter of Epsom salts, you are adding 100 milligrams of magnesium.
It is equivalent to adding 119 milligrams of CaCO3 -- it will increase
your Total Hardness by 119 ppm.

Calcium carbonate increases Total Hardness in 1:1 ratio. Thus adding 1
gram/liter of CaCO3 will increase the Total hardness by 1000 ppm.



> Does someone have a table that shows rise in GH per unit of magnesium sulfate added... similar to the tables for adding Calcium 			> carbonate and Sodium bicarbonate and their affect on GH/KH?

>Also, I recently "cleaned" another red (black) algae coated plant by giving
it to my SAE's. It works so well I realized that I could do this with
rocks that are similarly coated. So I put a rock covered in BBA in with
them but they are ignoring it. Do you think this is because it is on a
rock? They immediately and avidly go after a plant covered in BBA. Can
anyone think of a reason?

in Vancouver