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Yeast CO2 vs. Canister CO2

I have used yeast produced CO2 for as long as I have kept plants (3
years).  I use 2 2litre bottles in series changing the oldest bottle
every 2 weeks.  I have the output bubble into a upturned plastic cup
located very close to the intake to the filter (I figure the CO2
dissolves in the water has nowhere else to go but into the filter and
then is pushed along the length of the tank through the outflow).

My plants are always pearling and I take that as evidence that there is
enough CO2 in the water.  However, I often wonder if a CO2 tank would
increase growth.  I am interested in hearing from anyone who has changed
from yeast production to using a ‘proper’ CO2 system.  Did any of you
notice much difference in growth rates or pearling or any other
changes?.  There is a tremendous difference in price between the two
methods of providing CO2 so I believe some sort of return should be
demonstrated before an investment is made in such expensive equipment.
I am one of the subscribers to the idea that if you half the cost of
setting up a tank, you can get 2 for the price of one.

David Brooks