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Nuphar (cape fear spatterdock?)

i have purchased this plant in the past at a LFS.  it has those beautiful
narrow green translucent leaves and it grows out of a thick rootstock.  it
just rotted away.

recently, another poster in the list sent me this plant from north carolina.
i planted in my 55 gallon tank which has a laterite substrate (although it is
a few years old) and it grew a few leaves, then it suddenly stopped and
started to rot.  

i took it out today and cut off the rotten parts and let it dry.  i was told
by someone that this plant cannot be grown from a cutting (of the rootstock)
as it will rot and can only be grown from seed grown plants, i.e., a whole

has anyone been able to grow this sucessfully?  also, what is the correct
scientific name for this plant?  what other nuphar are available in the trade?

thanks for any help.

tsuh yang chen, nyc