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RE:CO2 atomizers and diffusers

    While these are simple elegant devices,the pressure is not enough
for yeast and using an air pump to "boost  the pressure"will cause wear
problems on the pump for the required pressure needed to drive the
system.I use booster pumps at work and they are in constant flux and are
under powered. Sure it can be rebuilt from time to time ,but is this a
reliable set up ? Dave Gomberg's systems are very cheap for the CO2
pressure tank rig to do the job and it's already to go. Yeast and
low(er)pressure systems aren't for these diffusers like ADA's pollen
glass.Like so many things ,I found out the hard way !The idea of using a
booster pump for the pressure is a good idea .but why do this when a
better reactor is more suited for the purpose of getting CO2 into your
water?These reactors were not designed for low pressure at all. Long
term use seems problematic with an air pump booster. I am a proponet of
yeast Brew also.
     For yeast ,there are some great designs and most you can do
yourself very EASY! Using a small power head to "turn on and off" the
CO2 you can even use a PH controller or semi automated operation.This
will mimic the diffusers actions by grinding the bubbles up in the
impller. Dupla's large reactors work and you can copy the general design
and make it out of acrylic.I add a piece of foam at the bottom so any
bubbles that make it to the bottom of the reactor collect on the foam
and bubble back up to the top of the reactor for re-circulation. This
make the reactor extremely close to 100% effeicent and no residual
bubbles in your tank.
Use the suction side for CO2 intake of the pump but be
careful.........the brew can easily be sucked out into your tank and
that is a total disater!!!!!!!! Use a rigid bottle for this instead that
won't collapse.I hope this helps !
Tom Barr     AGA