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In a message dated 99-01-29 15:52:50 EST, roger miller wrote:

<< Hydrocotyle grows fast.  In my tank were 
  I grow it laying down the stems quickly mount on each other and the mat
 gets thicker and thicker.  Eventually it's too thick to call ground cover
 and I have to thin the mat somehow.  I imagine that glossostigma, h.
 difformis and a few other fast growing plants that can be grown
 horizontally for ground cover have the same problem.  This is different
 from the problem of the stems trying to grow vertically.  How do y'all
 prune the plants to keep the stems from piling up too deeply?

i wish i had your problem.  i have never been able to grow this stuff.  how do
you grow it, roger?

tsuh yang chen, nyc