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frozen foods

In a message dated 99-01-29 15:52:50 EST, gold wrote:

<< You might want to ease off on feeding all that seafood to your freshwater
 tanks.  Apparently, freshwater fish have an extremely difficult time in
 digesting the fats in saltwater creatures, and it reportedly causes a
 variety of maladies >>

thanks for the advice.  i have heard that fish should not be fed beef heart or
any mammalian protein, since they can't really digest it, and it causes tissue
degeration or fat accumulation in their bodies (but people do it anyway, they
seem to think it's the best food they can feed their fish).  i try to feed
them sea mollusks or shrimp sparingly, mostly because i don't have time to
chop up the food, so they get it at most once a week.

tsuh yang chen, nyc