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Glossostigma finally takes off!

For quite a while I've had this Glosso.  When I originally planted it, I
just stuck it in the substrate, all the stems being together.  When I bought
it, it was growing vertically and that's how it seemed damned-and-determined
to keep doing.  The last time I was doing some tank maintenance, I saw it
and said 'enough' and pulled the plant up, and separated the plants and just
stuck them in horizontally.  "I'll make them grow that way if I have to",
was my attitude.

Recently I determined that my CO2 wasn't at the correct levels despite my pH
reading.  After cranking it up to the point where plants started to bubble,
I noticed something I hadn't seen before - new, horizontal growth of
Glossostigma, even with some branching of the plant and it was horizontal
too!  Yipee!  New leaves are slightly bigger than older leaves - double

So, here is your lesson, children.  1. Separate the stems when planting.  2.
Don't plant stems in a vertical fashion.  3. Make sure light is sufficient.
4. Make sure CO2 is sufficient.  5.  Watch new growth pop up from the
substrate.  6. Enjoy!

Kelly Beard, Cat IV, Team Allanti
President, Allanti Cycling Club - http://www.allanti.com 
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