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Re: A Better CO2 reactor

Kelley writes:

> I've got an Eheim diffuser.  It's okay, but a lot of those little bubbles
>  make it to the surface, so that's wasted CO2.  I was looking at maybe one
>  the Dupla reactors, or at least something that might fully incorporate CO2
>  into the water, so the only bubbles you see in your tank is the ones your
>  plants produce.
>  Anyone have a recommendation they are sold on?

There was reently a discussion about injecting the CO2 into the down-flow of a
Reverse UGF.  THis would spread the CO2 out across the underside of the
substrate and keep it down there until it was fully utilized.  Another
variation of this idea would be to place an inverted saucer on the bottom of
the tank and introduce the CO2 there, trapping it until it was dissolved.

Bob Dixon