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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #813

On 1-29-99 Karen wrote:

<<See Sue, that's your problem.  I can't grow duckweed or snails.  Duckweed

snails and R. macrandra are clearly incompatible ;-)  <--- (joke alert)>>>

<another joke alert :D>

Hmm...I wonder if there is a scientific paper in this somewhere. I can see it
"The frustration of being able to grow duckweed/snails and NOT R. macrandra,
and vice versa."

Then a whole newsgroup will develop and hash out down to molecular level the
finite reasons of incompatibility. Volumes and volumes will be archived in The
Krib. It'll eventually take on a life of it's own (and get it's own web site
too!) Scientists will devote entire careers to the subject. Nobel's will be

And there will be Karen--still struggling to grow duckweed and snails. And I
with my Rotalla limping along, as usual. <g>