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RE: CO2 devices

>I haven't seen the Sera unit, but I do have, and use both the Dupla and the

I used the Sera unit before i ended up with the Dupla one. I found the Sera
"casing" a drag,because it fits too tightly!! It's so tight that when u
need to re-fill (or bleach it to get the algae out) i had to use a pair of
pliers to pry open the cap!! Having your hands wet,didn't help at all as it
makes things more slippery! Unfortunately,u'd HAVE to get your hands wet to
remove the Sera unit from the tank in the first place! :-P

I ended up with a Dupla set which was a breeze to use (and open as well!)
I guess the best deal (albeit expensive),is ADA's "teardrop" unit. Just
fill up with your tank water,add the solution and over turn!! ;-)