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RE: CO2 atomizer

> James Purchase wrote:
> By the way, in case anybody is wondering, these Atomizers or Diffusers
> will
> NOT work with Yeast Method CO2. You definately need to use compressed
> CO2 in
> order to achieve the pressure needed to drive the CO2 through the
> ceramic
> plates.

Could you give us an estimate of how many PSI are required? It is
possible that DIY CO2 would work with an assist from an air pump. This
would require a rigid wall bottle so that the brew doesn't get sucked
into the tank. A higher tech approach ( to satisfy our techie urges)
would be to use a pressure sensor to sense the reduction in bottle
pressure. This way we would know when to run the pump, and when to
change the brew.
Even if the air pump needs rebuilding periodically the cost  of
ownership would be considerably lower than a full CO2 rig.
Harvey Schneider
<harvsch at earthlink_net>