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Re:A Better CO2 reactor

Kelly wrote:
>I've got an Eheim diffuser.  It's okay, but a lot of those
>little bubbles make it to the surface, so that's wasted 
>CO2.  I was looking at maybe one of the Dupla reactors, or
>at least something that might fully incorporate CO2 into 
>the water, so the only bubbles you see in your tank is the
>ones your plants produce.

>Anyone have a recommendation they are sold on?

The one I'm sold on is the one I made which is shown at

I can't say I never loose CO2 from it but it works quite well and I
have been using it for a few years now.  I like it because it is out
of the tank and not very noticeable.

It's build in an old Supreme 4 x 12 filter box(you can buy just the
box).  I glued in plastic dividers to make four compartments. Water is
siphoned into the first compartment and flows down through a filter
pad. It flows up the next section where I put the pH probe. In the
next section it flows down through 2 Aquaclear 200 foam blocks while
CO2 is bubbled up from the bottom.  I cut small recesses in the blocks
to prevent CO2 from escaping up the sides. In the last section a mini
pump, pumps the water back into the tank. I set the pumping rate slow
enough so the siphon can keep up with it.

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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