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Trimming ground cover plants

Roger wrote:

>That brings up a related issue.  Hydrocotyle grows fast.  In my tank were
>I grow it laying down the stems quickly mount on each other and the mat
>gets thicker and thicker.  Eventually it's too thick to call ground cover
>and I have to thin the mat somehow.  I imagine that glossostigma, h.
>difformis and a few other fast growing plants that can be grown
>horizontally for ground cover have the same problem.  This is different
>from the problem of the stems trying to grow vertically.  How do y'all
>prune the plants to keep the stems from piling up too deeply?

I haven't had any luck with Glosso, and when I've grown Hydrocotyle, it has
been very unruly, and lept for the surface at any opportunity.  I _can_
speak to the subhect of H. difformis as a ground cover, however.  It's easy
as pie.  Just mow it down.  It gets bushier and bushier.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association