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Re: CO2 Options


Just for the record, I am still having great success with the "Carbo-plus"
electronic unit that produces CO2 by electrolysis.  No gas, no tank, no
bubble-counter, no diffuser necessary and it gives off a "smoke type" fine,
fine bubbles-- adjustable as to the amount of CO2 and the carbon block that
it utilizes lasts for months and months.  It can be hooked up to your light
timer to go on and off with the lights and no worry about getting my CO2
refilled.  $279.00 at That Fish Place (and probably other mail order
houses).  The plant growth is fabulous!

For what it is worth, I'm running this unit with Triton lights and now have
two 70 gallon aquariums with "Carbo-plus".  Both aquariums are highly
successful and both have laterite substrate. pH stays around 6.8 with just
a plain old clam shell in the aquarium.  I take plants to my LFS weekly
from these aquariums.

Merrill Cohen