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Shrimp eating fish

tsuh yang chen wrote:
>Subject: Frozen Foods

while been chopping up frozen fish, conch, clams or shrimp that i
>buy at the fish market.  a lot of my fish love it.  from my experience,
>steamer clams are good as they crumble easily, some fish and conch are too
>tough or have nerves or connecting tissue that makes it hard to cut it up.  i
>also like to feed them shrimp but i don't like peeling them.

I'm sure not going to tell my fish about your place. They'll all want to
leave home and go live with you! You feed your fish shrimp!! Can I come
over next time you make up a batch?? <g> Seriously, what kind of fish are
these that eat shrimp big enough to peel?

I feed frozen brine shrimp and blood worms. My fish are crazy for them and
one can avoid parasites (so I'm told) that come with live foods.

hungry in Vancouver