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>I remember that there was a string about this a while back I don't 
>remember thare being any final "resoloution" to any ideas.  Or were 
>there?  I'm planning on lower the temp in my tank and seeing it if has 
>any effect on the color. I'll report back with observations
>Out of pure curiosity is anyone else growing ludwigia in a tank away from 
>sunlight? Is it red? If it is, what are your tank parameters.

Of course, there's Ludwigia and there's Ludwigia.  Some are tropical, but
many are temperate plants.  It is entirely possible that if you have a
temperate sp., it would prefer cooler water.  As far as the color is
concerned, I am keeping only one species at the moment, (a native) and it
wasn't very red to start with.  It's about the same color it was when it
was first collected.

I seem to remember some very red Ludwigia grown in George Booth's tanks.  I
don't think he keeps his tanks particularly cool, but maybe he can give us
the details.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association