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Re: Frozen foods

Chen wrote:
>>today as i
was feeding my fish the frozen white mosquito larvae, i read the label and
realized that what i was feeding my fish was basically 90% ice and the rest
was protein and fat.  <<

It has been my experience that some "natural" foods seem to contain traces
of some compound or other which stimulates very positive results, and the
foods cannot be judged by the ingredient list alone.  I recall having some
Hap. morii I was trying to spawn.  I would stuff them to the gills with live
brine, mixed flake, etc. but nothing.  One day, I somehow ended up with some
leftover earthworms from a friends fishing trip (Me? Kill innocent fish?
Never!) which I cleaned, chopped, and put them in the freezer (worm-cubes
make great fun at parties!).  After 3 days of feeding this, I had my first
spawn, and repeated spawns after that as long as I fed the earthworms.  What
I'm saying is; there is more to a food than the ingredient list in the case
of natural food items.  I hadn't been feeding the Haps earthworm long enough
for an increase in nutritional value to have an effect but some hormonal
stimulant maybe?

>>I have for a while been chopping up frozen fish, conch, clams or shrimp
that i
buy at the fish market.  a lot of my fish love it.  from my experience,
steamer clams are good as they crumble easily, some fish and conch are too
tough or have nerves or connecting tissue that makes it hard to cut it up.
also like to feed them shrimp but i don't like peeling them.<<

You might want to ease off on feeding all that seafood to your freshwater
tanks.  Apparently, freshwater fish have an extremely difficult time in
digesting the fats in saltwater creatures, and it reportedly causes a
variety of maladies.  Just because the fish like it, doesn't mean it's good
for them.  I doubt you could find a dog that doesn't like drinking
anti-freeze, but it certainly doesn't improve their health :-).