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RE:Plants for hard alkaline H2O

I have an AF cichlid tank with a Ph of 7.8 and GH of 12. I have a large
colony of Crypt aponogetifolia, red wendtii ,pontenderifolia,blassii,
and few other items .I don't do hardly any water changes on this
tank.Mainly topping off. An old shop light with old bulbs hangs on the
back. There is no CO2 or PMDD or laterite. Even someone how doesn't know
much about plants could keep this tank up and running with the minimal
effort. I do add plant tabs to the roots every 3 months or so.
The Caponogetifolia has grown @ about 1/2" a week and I can't say enough
about this plant.C affinis was what was suppose to go in this tank but I
'm having a hard time getting any ,is similar too.
    Java fern and moss is good,Eleodea,hornwart, Vals ,many Crypts work
too. Of course the ultimate plant is the Mangrove tree for the adaption
to horrid water conditions IMHO.Floating plants are used some also .
Hope this helps some .
Tom Barr    AGA