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Frozen Foods

a friend of mine convinced me to buy some frozen food yesterday.  today as i
was feeding my fish the frozen white mosquito larvae, i read the label and
realized that what i was feeding my fish was basically 90% ice and the rest
was protein and fat.  

so what's the point of buying this expensive frozen food?  i doubt the protein
and other solids concentrations are much better for frozen shrimp or

i have for a while been chopping up frozen fish, conch, clams or shrimp that i
buy at the fish market.  a lot of my fish love it.  from my experience,
steamer clams are good as they crumble easily, some fish and conch are too
tough or have nerves or connecting tissue that makes it hard to cut it up.  i
also like to feed them shrimp but i don't like peeling them.

any other thoughts or comments on feeding frozen foods?  i would like to hear
your experiences.  thanks.

tsuh yang chen, nyc