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Red Plants

Adam wrote:
>>Out of pure curiosity is anyone else growing ludwigia in a tank away from
sunlight? Is it red? <<

I collected a bucketful of Ludwigia a couple of months ago where it was
growing in a shallow pool.  It probably received 1 or 2 hours of direct sun
a day in the morning and spent the rest of the day shaded by surrounding
trees.   The plants were predominantly  red in color.  Upon placing the
plants in a tank with 2 w/g of flourescent lighting the plants quickly lost
their red coloration (2 tubes at 6500k, 1 Triton tube which I don't recall
the kelvin for).

As a side note:  In my 75 gallon tank with 2 96 watt power compact bulbs you
could tell exactly where the strongest lighting from the bulbs falls even if
the lights were out.  In the center of the tank the Apon. ulvaceous and
Hygro. polysperma have a definite red coloration, whereas on either end of
the aquarium plants of the same species are completely green.

More useless info from yours truly :0)