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Re: Acclimating fish to severe pH differences

Tony wrote:
>>We ship angelfish and our pH is 8.4.
Many of our customer's water ranges down to 7 pH and beyond.<<

Just one more caveat!  I just received a shipment of angels from Tony,
coincidentally (a nicer bunch of angels you'll never see! Healthy, began
eating immediately, on top of his extremely professional nature... anyway,
before I get carried away :-))  I started the drip method and went to take
care of some other things.  Suffering from another relapse of my chronic
condition, Stupidus moronitis, I completely forgot about it.   The ominous
tone in my mates voice as she shouted out "Daaaaarrrrrrreeeennnn?" brought
my memory back in a flash (amazing how that works!) along with an
under-my-breath utterance that sounded alot like "Schmidt-Focke Discus",
though I doubt that was the exact phrase.

Anyway, the "soak the living room carpet" method works fine for equalizing
the pH, but I personally would rather do without trotting around in my
underwear pushing a wet-vac at 12:30am.