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new tank problems please help me.

Hi all,
Please take the time to read this and reasure me or help me find a
sollution to my problems.
1 week ago I set up my first plant tank (other fish tanks have some OK
plants in them growing OK) This one I wanted to be full of healthy plants,
you know what I meen.

Tank 48x18x18 inches = 65 gallons.
Light = 2 grow lux, 1 10000k aquastar, 1 5000k NEC tri phosphor. (all 36
watt tubes)
CO2 yeast injection
Duplarit G half dose of duplaplant (came with the duplarit)
Ph 7
25 degrees c
I set up the tank with lots of apparently healthy plants.
The plants all seem to be growing and new leaves are forming and growing
However the tank is infested with a brown floss like algae (about 5 - 15cm
long) that is covering all plant leaves. I have been removing the stuff

Unfortunately the test kits I ordered have not arrived and local fish shops
dont have or stock them !!!! thats perth australia for you. I ordered
Nitrate, phosphate, iron and kh test kits. They wont be here for a few more
days :(

What can I do????????

Or do i let the plants grow and hopefully soon outcompete the algae.

Another thing I feel i did was add the root starter tab to wet laterite
gravel. this enabled the root tab (primarily NO3 i beleieve) to be washed
into the water colum Maybe it should be added to dry gravel+laterite so the
laerite absorbs the root tab? just a guess? (the root tab I dissolved into
500ml of water.

Pleease give me any advice!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Green
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.net.au