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Cheap Heating Cables?

	I was looking at the "accessories" section of the Arizona Aquatic Gardens
page, and I came across something interesting. Rather than try to describe it,
I'll just quote them.

"ThermoFloat-System Substrate Heater          
The Bioplast ThermoFloat-System has been developed to ensure a constant, slow
circulation of nutrients and metabolic products in the substrate.  To achieve
this effect, only a slightly higher temperature in the substrate is necessary.
This inexpensive system utilizes the warmth of the existing aquarium
heater/stat or thermofilter and conveys it partly through the special heating-
hose system into the substrate.  This makes overheating of the substrate and,
therefore, root damage impossible.  The Thermo-Float System runs without
additional electricity and replaces heater cables.  Fits all standard
heaters/stats.   Systems includes 10 feet hose.  No additional electricity

ThermoFloat System:    your cost only $36.99  part# 80010

10' Additional Hose    your cost only $12.99  part# 80020"

	Can anyone tell me more about these? It seems simple enough to build one
myself, but only if I can find some more information. Does anybody have one
(or something like it)?  Thanks!