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Acclimating fish to severe pH differences?

Wow, a question I know something about. We ship angelfish and our pH is 8.4.
Many of our customer's water ranges down to 7 pH and beyond.
These are basically the instructions we give:
1. Place fish with shipping water in a container.
2. Start a drip from an airline with a knot tied into it. Start with a drop
per second. Do this from the aquarium the fish will go into.
3. Theory goes, change the pH only .1 per hour, so in your example that
would take 10 hours. I think this is excessive but would not take less than
5 hours for such a change.
4. Every once in a while remove some water from the container to keep the
level about the same thus changing the water over to the new tank's
5. When ready to add the fish, net them and put them in the tank. Do not add
the shipping water to the tank for it may contain drugs or in the least be
very contaminated.
Tony Minneboo
Owner, Angels West
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