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Plant book, white spot & acclimatizing fish

 George Booth wrote
>Subject: Re: Reference book recommendation?

>Anyway, my favorite plant I.D. book is the Dennerle "System for a Problem
>Free Aquarium" advertising book. Real color photos, at least. I got mine
>from the AGA.

I'll second that. It's a very useful little book and not expensive. It's my
most battered and used-looking book. Get it from the Aquatic Gardener's

Tom Petersen wrote
>Subject: More info on White Spot

>I took a small sample from the edge of the circle, it is like mucous or
>something.  Anyway, the grains in the middle appear to be getting more
>prevalent.  If it could be eggs, I have Malaysian trumpet snails and the
>common circular ones you always get with plants, but I have noticed the
>two different types of eggs from these elsewhere--not like this spot.

I have MT snails and they don't leave anything like this around. Sounds
like an aquatic mushroom. Is there such thing? Perhaps you should take it
out, keeping it whole and put it in a separate container with tank water.
Are you near a university that could be interested in examining it?

 "Beard, Kelly" <KBeard at comdata_com>
>Subject: Acclimating fish to severe pH differences?
>Say you buy some fish at your LFS.  You bring home the fish in a bag and
>stick your pH probe in the bag - 7.4.  Your tank's pH - 6.5.  Ouch.  Don't
>recall ever seeing this info on thekrib or other resources.  Anyone got a

What I do is first float the bag until the temperature is the same. Then I
open the bag and take pH readings. If they are different I use my fish-only
measuring cup to take out a cup of water (if there is a lot of water in the
bag) and put that down the drain. Then I add a cup of tank water. Wait 10
min. Take pH. continue.... What's really frustrating is when the store puts
a pH buffer in their water so that you have to take out practically all the
bag water before the pH starts to change.

Vancouver Aquatic Plant Group