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Re: Re: Hach iron test kit

At 08.37 26/01/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi Luca,
Hi Susan,

sorry for the late reply but... too many e-mails in english to write and
that takes time!:)
Maybe I should move to Canada and learn the language better !:)

>If it doesn't measure chelated iron is it giving a
>partial reading of useless iron and not recording lots of valuable iron and
>if so how much more? Thanks once again!
NO, it's not like that. What you have been told by Hach is that your test
is like the most of the iron kits, it can read Fe2+ and Fe3+ AS IONS. That
means not binded to other anions or ligands. So if there is Fe-EDTA, your
test cannot read it, if there is Fe(OH)3 (I bet!) your test cannot read it
and so forth.
Now if you remeber what I wrote you in the past, I told you that for sure
the bivalent Fe (as ion) can be uptaken by plants easily. If this is the
case (remember my doubts??) what is most interesting for you is to have a
reading of the only bivalent part, and not of the sum of ferric(3+) and
ferrous(2+), because most likely the ferric part is not adsorbed by leaves
and stems.
Surely your HACH test has the possibility to read only the bivalent part,
just (I'm guessing here!) not using the oxidazing agent of the kit. Ask the
HACH support again and let me know.