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Experimental substrates (again)

>It would offer some of the benefit
>of a 'rich' soil substrate without concern for types and amounts
>of leached nutrients. As I have pondered the value in this,
>it was with some trepidation as the traditional APD montra is not
>to mess. But how than I ask is the world to move forward?  Justin
>Collins seemed  to understand:

You put forth a proposed idea for critique, and we gave you our honest,
EXPERIENCE based opinions.  You are then MORE than welcome to try any
witches brew you want when setting up your substrate.  If it works
(reliably and repeatably) for several years, _please_ report back to us on
your success.  

In the mean time, it's only common sense that we will warn other less
experienced aquarists that many, in fact MOST of the "experimental"
substrates that people have proposed on this list and described in great
detail have had major disadvantages if they haven't been out and out
failures.  It's not that there might not be something better out there, but
that we'd be have less reservations after its an accomplished fact.

(Am I getting as crotchety as GEORGE?<g>)
Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association