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Re: Amano Shrimp and Snail Eaters

I don't think that shrimp-eating behavior is so easy to predict.  Yes,
there's a danger, but...

I've occasionally purchased ghost shrimp, mostly as a treat for my yo yo
loach.  I've watched him take them down.  This last time, I dumped about
thirty shrimp in, and watched a pair of egyptian mouthbrooders snap up about
ten of them within the first few hours.  The yo yo loach didn't take any

They've since declared a truce, and the invertebrate labor movement has
scored a major coup.  Not only do I still have at least ten ghost shrimp (I
dumped them in about a month ago), but I've also got hundreds of trumpet
snails.  The egyptian mouthbrooders completely ignore the shrimp now
(they're no bigger than the ones I watched them eat), and I still haven't
seen the yo yo loach go after a single shrimp or snail.

I think it's time to get a few younger, more ambitious loaches.

Is the 'skunk botia' the bluish, striated one?  I think it's something like
'botia striatus'?  That's what I was planning on adding to the tank...

Alysoun McLaughlin