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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #806

>I was wondering if anyone knows how to bring out the red colors in 
>plants.  I have some ludwigia in my tank that was originally completely 
>red when I got it.  It then turned green with red highlights in my 
>community tank and in my new discus tank it eventually turned green. I 
>think that it started changing in the discus tank, when I got a new 
>heater for the tank and raised the temp from 75 to 85. Is this red 
>pigment dependent on temperature?  Or is there  something else at work.

I *think* it's blue light that makes red pigments. That's why I was playing
with Chroma 75s. Truthfully though, the only decent amount of red I've
seen in plants was where they got some sunlight. I've never played
with Mercuty vapour of MH lamps which I guess would do it, too.

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