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RE: SHOlights

> From: krandall at world_std.com
> Just a warning.  We recently bought these lights for a small reef tank we
> are setting up at school.  The tank has not yey been set up, and
> the lights
> were still in the box.  I got a call from the LFS asking ust to return the
> light.  They have had several returned to them with the endcaps actually
> burned away, and with the plastic cover near the vents melted.  They have
> contacted everyone they've sold them to, and are returning the
> whole lot to
> the manufacturer.  They were very relieved to hear that I hadn't installed
> it yet.  They had visions of being responsible for burning down our brand
> new school building.<g>
> So much for superior design and quality construction.<g>


I haven't heard about the melting problem, but I've tried twice to order a
24" SHOlight from That Pet Place and both times it arrived broken in exactly
the same place -- where the heavy reflector/bulb/ballast assembly attaches
to the plastic cover (at four very flimsy attachment points).  Perfecto
packs them very poorly.  They basically just throw the thing in a box, with
no padding whatsoever to support the delicate parts.   So no matter how well
the mail order house packs it, a hard enough knock will break something (in
both cases the box from TPP arrived in excellent condition, with the
contents broken).  I've tried ordering another one from Pet Warehouse to see
if it fares any better, but I'm not optimistic.  The thing I like about the
SHOlights is they look narrow enough to sit on my glass canopy and still
allow me to open the access door fully.