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Chroma 50 vs. Vita Light

>> Know the difference between a Vita Lite and a Chroma 50 ?
>> About $15. 
>> The difference is so small it's unmeasurable. At least that's
>> what I've been told. I'd love to hear you're actually getting
>> something for all that extra money, but it sounds like a dimished
>> return to me.
>It may be a diminished return, but there are serious differences in the
>actual spectrum of the tube.  I've looked at both through a diffraction
>grating (Thanks Wright!).  The Chroma-50 is essentially a tri-chromatic
>tube with not a lot of power in between the spikes.  The vita-lite has
>some trick for "smearing" more of the color in between the peaks, which is
>why it has such as high CRI.
>Personally, I use the cheaper tubes now, because I can't see the point of
>spending an extra $10 US ($15 CDN) either.  Just saying there *is* a
>difference in the actual tube.

Huh. In that case GE is lying on their pretty little graphs. 
They show it as quite a flat spectum. We end to bug Wright
to snap a few piccies of this. I see a collection of these
on the web in my crytal ball.

How's about it Wright? It's your pennace for all those mutant

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