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Large planted tanks

At 03:48 PM 1/26/99 -0500, Colin Anderson wrote:
>>>What you do is build an enormous structure, 
10,000 gallons maybe, this we can imagine without much difficulty.  Make 
it say 8 feet deep at its deepest point, and getting shallower towards 
the edges.  Hell, lets fill the thing entirely with fluorite(I mean 
about 8 inches).  The fun part is what you put in the center of the tank, a
tube with a 
ladder going down to your easy chair, which is now down there in a 
bubble of arcrylic or some product I've not yet<g> identified.  360 
degrees of fish and plants would now surround you, not a tunnel like 
those 'wimply-dimply' public aquariums.  Terrific idea I think, 
now all I need is a spare 50,000 bucks and somewhere to build it.<<<

Colin, these are easier to find than you might think.  In some areas most
homes have one.  They are called swimming pools and most folks are so
foolish as to add chlorine and kill the plants.   But you don't have to.
You can get a huge piece of terra cotta drain pipe, put some plastic
windows in the side (or build a square plexi tube), and sit at the bottom
to your heart's content.   And when folks ask what you use for lights over
your tank, you can just say "Oh, natural sunlight!"

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com