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Tropica plant catalog

At 03:48 PM 1/26/99 -0500, pete rose asked:
>Could you guys help me select a plant book? (I've got a chance to
>request one for Valentines from the wife)  Here's what I'm looking
>For each plant:   A good color picture 
>Recommended water conditions(pH, hardness, etc.)
>Origin of the plant
>Conditions it grows in the wild (period of submersed/emersed, etc.)
>Ease of growth   Speed of growth   lighting requirements

Sounds like the Tropica Plant Catalog to me.   It's $15 from:

AGA Bookstore (me)
7 Gateview Court
San Francisco CA 94116-1941

add $5 if you are a non-member, or even better, add $15 for a one
year membership.

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com