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>A new product called the SHOLight has
>come out from Perfecto, and it seems quite nice.  It's basically a high
>light which gives out 55 watts on a 21 inch tube.  The shape of the tube
is more
>of an elongated U as opposed to the straight line of a regular tube.  They
>advertise that the spectrum (daylight) will remain stable for 3 years!
That's 6
>times as long as regular tubes.  You can get more details by buying the
March 1999
>issue of AFM, the product review is on page 86.  It's now available
through the
>Pet Warehouse (www.petwhse.com).

Just a warning.  We recently bought these lights for a small reef tank we
are setting up at school.  The tank has not yey been set up, and the lights
were still in the box.  I got a call from the LFS asking ust to return the
light.  They have had several returned to them with the endcaps actually
burned away, and with the plastic cover near the vents melted.  They have
contacted everyone they've sold them to, and are returning the whole lot to
the manufacturer.  They were very relieved to hear that I hadn't installed
it yet.  They had visions of being responsible for burning down our brand
new school building.<g>

So much for superior design and quality construction.<g>  

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association