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Re: Re: Kitty castings

Well - so far nobody has mentioned the other disadvantages of the direct
Kitty castings application method:

1.	The kittys cause more destruction and plant uprooting than a 3 foot
ple*co or any pecoltias or 'cats' I have ever seen

2. 	The litter ends up all over the floor unless the tank is well covered.

3.	The plants all get covered in strange hair-like stands with the color
depending on the kitty introduced (have seen black,white grey, red, yellow
and striated but have never seen blue or green) which can only be removed
by mechanical means. Changes in macro/micro nutrients, light, pH  and plant
load appear to make no difference in the amount of hair although combing
the kitty prior to introduction appears to reduce the problem. OK so I have
not described the size or seperation of the teeth on the comb or the color
of the handle or compared combing to brushing but what the heck - cal me

4.	What if that kitty should become used to the direct casting method ? How
would one control the application. 

5.	The desire of the kitty to cast directly when dosing is required is
highly suspect.

6.	IMHO the direct application kitty casting method has so many negative
effects that it should be discouraged even amongst the most experienced
list members.

I think I'll go back to boring old PMDD. -:).

Mark Hack
(who also has kittys see http://www.sarcenet.com )