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Fish Room...Very Grand Plan

I've had this idea for a 'fish room' in my head for a couple years now.  
I've witnessed what some may call excess on this list, but this might<g> 
take the cake.

The idea is this, we all go home from work, sit in our easy chair and 
blankly gaze into our tanks until its time to go to sleep, right?  Well, 
with excessive amounts of money, time, space and a set of scuba gear to 
do maintenance with...  What you do is build an enormous structure, 
10,000 gallons maybe, this we can imagine without much difficulty.  Make 
it say 8 feet deep at its deepest point, and getting shallower towards 
the edges.  Hell, lets fill the thing entirely with fluorite(I mean 
about 8 inches).  

The fun part is what you put in the center of the tank, a tube with a 
ladder going down to your easy chair, which is now down there in a 
bubble of arcrylic or some product I've not yet<g> identified.  360 
degrees of fish and plants would now surround you, not a tunnel like 
those 'wimply-dimply' public aquariums.

Terrific idea I think, now all I need is a spare 50,000 bucks and 
somewhere to build it.

Maintenance, light - small details, some scuba gear and a big sun tube.  
Any comments?  

Colin Anderson

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