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Re: many things

Re: Iron test kits

Steve Dixon tested the Hach test kit (IR-21) which measures
chelated iron. He found it to be better than the LaMotte
product (P-62, Code 7787) It was recommended by Craig Bingham.
This isn't a surprise since others have reported that LaMotte
claims that the above test does not measure chelated iron.

Steve, have you continued to find the Hach test accurate?

A lot of people claim to regularly test the iron levels in
their aquariums and adjust micronutrients accordingly. If the
test kits are unreliable, what does this say about the validity
of their conclusions? This begs the question, "What iron tests
were Paul Sears and Kevin Conlin using when they formulated
PMDD?" I'm surprised that no one has ever asked this question.
Perhaps many people are overdosing.

Myself, I don't test for iron; however, I would if I felt that
there was a reliable, reasonably priced kit. Some day maybe.

Re: Self-ballasted MH light

There is a self-ballasted mercury vapor light called a Wonder-
lite sold for about Can$70.00 by Home Depot. It's 160 watts
and colour adjusted.

Re: NTA and toxicity

After reading the Environmental Review from Monsanto which
Susan Romero sent me, it would appear that the incidental
NTA in the Micronutrient Mix is not acutely toxic at those
levels to which we dose. The report only talks about acute
toxicity. There might be minor effects to some life forms,
but I guess we'll never know. Probably the same can be said
of EDTA.

Re: Homemade aquarium hoods

Several designs for custom lighting have been posted by
various individuals. Many hobbyists have followed through
and built their own lighting. Where do State or Provincial
electrical codes come into play? Should one be concerned
about insurance?

Re: Calcium carbonate solubility

I ran a test to determine the amount of dolomite which
could be dissolved in a tank acidified with carbonic acid.
Using a bare five gallon tank I was able to increase the
KH from 1.5 to 7 in ten days using DIY CO2 injection into
a Magnum 350. Initially the water was very soft. The final
reading gave a pH of about 6, so there was a fair amount of
carbon dioxide in the water. I guess magnesium sulfate,
calcium chloride and baking soda is the only way to go.
What a shame!

Re: Forcing emersed growth in sword plants

My E. amazonicus has yet to display emersed growth, even
in eight inches of water. Ditto the black sword plants.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca