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George's uprooted plants, evil substrates


I was wondering which plants you uproot on a regular basis and if you
have problems keeping the laterite layer layered as the gravel is mixed
from you pulling up the plant.  I as because I recently tore down my 60
gallon to set up my new 100, and I discovered that I had some plants
with serious, serious root clumps.  I had a few (a small patch of rotala
indica, some apons) that had clumps larger than a pool ball and were
holding all kinds of gravel, leading me to believe that some of the
problems I've was experiencing were due to compacted gravel.  Any

To all-

I guess I'm not totally sure why a hybrid substrate is bad.  While I
understand that most people get poor results with them, I'm not sure
what happens that creates such problems.  I could understand it if we
were talking about a rich soil substrate mixed with laterite or
something like that, but I fail to see why mixing laterite with
flourite, clay balls, or other non-rich substrate could create such
problems.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Justin Collins