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Emersing Echinodorus sp.

Well, I havent actually done this systematic - but it seems fairly easy
to emerse Echinodorus. sp. I did emerse the whole plant, that's maybe
not what you want.

I "saved" an algae-infested one by emersing it, this prosess is TOTALLY

Filled a small, high tank with 3 inches of water(1/2 a gallon) - added
20 ml of Tropica MasterGrow and a teaspoon of slow releasing NPK,
heating and light. Eventually I sealed off the top of the tank with a
clear plastic bag.

Put the plant's roots in the water - and with only 40W of light (24 hrs)
it grows like crazy, much faster than submersed.

I'm now waiting for it to grow HUGE, have flowerstalks etc etc

> From: boukmn at mindspring_com
> Subject: Forcing Echinodorus...Emersed
> Has any list-member worked a systematic method of forcing
> exotic Echinodorus sp. into emergent growth? Are there hormones that can be
> purchased that may speed this process?
> Any help would be much appreciated.
> ~Bk.

Morten Karlsen,          mailto:markii at online_no