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re: Forcing Echinodorus...Emersed (follow-up ques)

In response to list members who pointed out the ease at which they get
their Echinodorus sp. to emerge by lowering water level, I need to respond:
I have no trouble with E. colifolius (green wildtype) it is the
fancy-shmancy "tropicaesque" hybrids that are a source of frustration. E.
rubia, E. ozelot, E. oriental and another (name unknown) that is so red it
looks like cadaver's blood.  My LFS gets them from god-knows-where after
they have been sitting in a tank long enough to produce new shoot submersed
leaves. I like David Wilson's 70% sun / misting method.  I have had limited
(open air) success with  E. colifolius (MarbleQueen) producing emergent
leaves, but they seem to remain tiny plants in their emergent form compared
to the monsters they were submersed. I suspect that since "marble" is a
natural mutation it may still possess a few rudimentary emergent growth
survival genes. The "factory #3" Tropicaesque hybrids may have far less of
these genes.

Question 1.	Can the Tropicaesque hybrids become open-air giants (no special
covers, misters) as their wildtype cousins?  Can this be done without
significant damage to plant?

Question 2.	Anyone have a name for that "dead-red" Echino?
Why after producing a canopy radius of 25cm and a height of 30cm will it
not produce a runner?