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RE:Nalixidic acid

Hello Group.  I thought that I would post a third and final post (hopefully)
regarding that tongue-twisting acid that serves as the active ingredient for
"Nala-Gram" (medication I recently used for my neon tetra disease problem)
Thanks to George Slusarczuk's assistance I've finally figured it out.

 As George pointed out, the correct name for the active ingredient in
Nala-Gram is "nalixidic acid".  It's not "nalicilic acid" and not "noxicilic
acid" as I've posted earlier (see "SAE's losing stripes") I threw the
package away (since it happened to have the perfect dosage) and been happily
mispronouncing it since.  For all of you who think I've lost all credibility
I was able to access the AP home page and found Nala-Gram under
http://www.aquariumpharm.com/apa120.htm    It looks exactly like the package
I bought.  Now I bet you're all REALLY glad I don't dispense pills in your
local pharmacy <g>   Thanks again for the tip, George.