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The latest gadget

I recently came across a nice item (two actually) in a gourmet food store
that works very nicely for aquatic purposes. Those readers with money to
burn might want to check it out.

I have found thermometers with the brand name "Taylor" that are pretty
cool. They are like (or are) the ones you see HVAC people carrying. They
have small (1") dials or readouts with a stainless steel probe. A simple
analog thermometer is about $6 and reads from 0 to 220 degrees F. It is
marked off in 2 degree increments and is great for a quick check (the
reading stablilizes in 5 seconds or so).

Recently, I found another model that is digital (HOO-HAH!) It reads from
-58 to 302 degrees F. The resolution is 0.1 degree F! Simply awesome for $19. 

Besides the obvious water temp measurements, I have found they are great
for other anal rententive activities (no, not what you think!). Are you
wondering if that cup of coffee is the correct 185 F? PROBE IT!  Not sure
if that fine Cabernet has been stored in the right room (65 F)? PROBE IT!
Does that steak look a bit more than Medium Rare? PROBE IT!

My personal favorite is to tormet my local mixologist. He prides himself on
properly chilled Martinis. The last time we ordered ("Boodles, up, 8:1,
olives, shaken not stirred, VERY COLD"), he tried to pull the old
razzle-dazzle on us. Iced the glasses with soda water and ice. Shook the
shaker with great vigor. Poured the drinks with dramatic florish. Almost
barfed up from laughing so hard when I whipped out my digital thermometer
and demonstrated his pitful effort was only good for 33 F. We routinely get
them down to 22 F at home. I'm not making this up. 
George Booth, Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)
  Back on-line! New URL! Slightly new look! Same good data!