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Hach iron test kit

Hi Luca,

I called the Hach distributor in Toronto today to find out what forms of
iron my 0-1 mg/L (model IR-18A)  test kit is able to read. She told me it
reads SE-2 and SE-3 and you'd have to do a digestion? to determine total
iron. I had no idea what that meant so I asked if all forms of iron,
chelated or not would register on the colour scale. She wasn't completely
sure so gave me the Colorado telephone number. The technician I spoke with
there said that this kit measures iron in its ionic form and won't measure
chelated iron. I really don't know where this leaves me and I'm hoping you
might translate for me. If it doesn't measure chelated iron is it giving a
partial reading of useless iron and not recording lots of valuable iron and
if so how much more? Thanks once again!

Susan Romano